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Foundational course on the secrets of Tantra

Learn the secrets of tantra for creating magick and psychic abilities.

This is a personalized course – your vedic astrological analysis will be done and you will be given the necessary tips based on the vedic astrological chart.

I have over 30 years of experience helping other people realize what my mentor introduced me to. Over the years, I refined and tried to perfect what works best and how to approach tapping into the sexual center based on different individuals’ unique psychic constitution.  

If you are up for it, then you can join me on a journey to lay out the foundations that will enable you to tap into your most treasured and hidden asset. 

You will receive 32 video lessons, with over 2 hours of instruction and a guide book detailing practices and prescriptions based on your unique, individual need.

 32 video lessons, with over 2 hours of instruction and a guide book detailing practices and prescriptions based on your unique, individual need.

The following is what you will be getting that will enable you to harness the energy from your root energy center:

  • Balancing and attuning to the cosmic female and male energies: Each one us have both female and male energies within us, to varying degree. In males, the female aspect is the referred to as the anima and in females, the male aspect is the animus. When not balanced and integrated, the opposite gender (of our primary ego gender) can insidiously wreak havoc in our lives. It is the #1 reason for every problem in relationships, and also absolutely essential should one hope to tap into the latent powers of the sexual energy within. You will learn how to balance these two energies within ourselves which will open the channels of communication with our anima/animus.
  • Elemental purification, attunement and balancing: Our psychic body, and therefore our prana or life force is also composed of the five great elements – Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each of us has these elements within us to different degrees. The average person’s elemental constitution is not only unbalanced, but each element that make up the psyche is often coarse and unpurified. For instance, Fire is the element responsible for transformation (in various contexts) but it is also responsible for destructive emotions such as anger. When unlocking the latent sexual energy within us, we raise the overall prana within ourselves. This will of course, raise the “amount” of each element within us. If elements are unpurified and unbalanced, we can also raise the imbalance! You will learn how to purify, balance and attune to the elements to prepare yourself to unlock the sexual center.
  • Cleansing and balancing the energy channels in the body: When the sexual center is unlocked, prana is raised. The different energy channels through which the prana moves has to be cleansed to avoid blockages and other problems that may arise. You will learn how to do this.
  • Energy locks and releases: Simply releasing the sexual center’s energy is not enough. One must learn how to control the flow of the energy by the practice of locking and releasing the energy through the energy channels. Without this, it is like unloading the rainclouds without rainwater harvesting! You will learn different types of energy locks, which also act as “pumps”. Your physical orgasm for instance, is a “release”. Therefore if you learn to control the release, you also master your mundane sexuality! For being effective in practices such as magickal rituals and communicating with deities or spirits, then you need to know how to harness, pump and release energy from the core center.
  • Unlocking the potential of the third eye and other centers: The third eye center is the “antenna” to the spiritual and dimensions beyond. The energy that you have harnessed has to go somewhere. It has to be used for something. Of course, you can simply enjoy the benefits of mastering the sexual energy center in a physical sense but if you want to use the energy for spiritual or magickal purposes then you have to unlock the third eye and other major centers or Chakras in your body to which the energy will be directed to. You will learn how to purify these centers toward this end.
  • Mantras and Yantras (similar to sigils) based on your individual psychic body profile: The psychic profile, or the configuration in which the prana flows through the energy channels in your psychic body is determined by the nine major cosmic forces (Grahas or planets). Different cosmic forces have different effects, both positive and negative on the psychic body. You will receive Mantras (chants) and Yantras based on your unique profile that will assist you in your practice.
  • Recommended Gemstones and methods of wearing based on your psychic body profile: Gemstones can assist in neutralizing the negatives and boosting the positives of the nine Grahas, thereby further helping you in achieving a balanced psychic body prepared to completely harness the latent sexual energy.
  • I will be personally answering any questions and guiding you along the way of your practice.

"What started off with a vedic astrological analysis lead me to travel all the way to India in my late 60s to learn about the spiritual mysteries head on"

I came to know Manoj 4 years ago through an online forum. What started off with a vedic astrological analysis lead me to travel all the way to India in my late 60s to learn about the spiritual mysteries head on. 

Growing up, I was always deeply curious about the esoteric and deeper mysteries of the cosmos. I read, explored and practiced for decades -- performing rituals, healing arts and meditation. It was not until my 60s that I started getting really interested in Eastern esoteric wisdom and that's when I met Manoj.

Discussing with him on various topics regarding the esoteric, it became quite clear to me that he possessed a vast amount of knowledge and experience. This was when he did a vedic astrological analysis of my psychic profile, and I was shocked at the accuracy.

He then helped me design a spiritual and magickal practice for myself. Following this completely changed my life to the point that I decided my exploration had only begun! It is when I decided to pack my bags and head off to India, during my late 60s to this end.  

Right now I am learning more about Ayurveda, and eastern esoteric science, deepening my knowledge and understanding.

I'm applying my knowledge to elevate myself spiritually and to heal myself physically. It has been transforming my life entirely. 

Without the understanding Manoj gave me, none of this would have been possible!        

Jeannette Ann Perry

Louisiana, USA

"Manoj is honest and sincere, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others."

Manoj from Tantric Pagans conducted my astrological analysis, and I was very happy with the services received.

The reading was accurate, and added significant personal value to my experiences at the time and gave me further insight into other aspects of my personality. I felt very involved with the process from beginning to end, which included the analysis, puja, and even a follow up consultation. The owners of Tantric Pagans are reliable, honest and sincere, and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to others.

I undertook introduction to Tantric Puja course with Manoj from Tantric Pagans at the start of 2021. The course was structured to introduce the practitioner to aspects of the Tantric elements of the Indian religions and philosophy, as well as proving a firm understanding of the art of Tantric Puja. The course was designed for those with a keen interest in developing an effective personal practice comprising elements of Mantra, Hindu deities and fire ritual.

The course was suitable for both beginners and practitioners alike as the instructor, Manoj is able to tailor each class based on the ability of the student. My course introduced me to the concept of masculine and feminine deity (Shiva, Shakti) and the pantheon associated, Introduction to the word OM, Mantra, and practical used for Mantra. I undertook significant Personal puja (fire ritual) Practice, and was offered ample time to reflect and ask questions to the instructor. I was even invited to participate in some festival activities. His courses will be enjoyed and benefitted by anyone who participates!!

Pax Taylor

Tasmania, Australia

Life is ticking away, and the power of your latent root chakra's magickal abilities may forever remain unexplored until you learn to channel it. It is constantly headed “downward” to waste, draining away – whether you like it or not. It either remains untapped, drained away by “foreign” energies that sap you of it or drained away as a consequence of our modern culture encouraging mindless indulgence.

I spent years practicing weird rituals with “hit-or-miss” success. I spent years trying to explore the domains of the esoteric for what the missing piece is, until I stumbled upon my mentor who taught me how to harness this latent energy which was the “fuel” that I failed to recognize, and therefore harness for my practices.

Even in mainstream exoteric religious and spiritual sects that try to imitate the esoteric, one can see the effort toward preserving root chakra's sexual energy through celibacy (although this is mostly working on the symptom and not the cause.)

Any sort of spiritual or magickal practice is impossible without a huge reservoir of energy harnessed from our life force. And energy comes from the root, the generator – the root center or the sexual center in our body. You can either consciously work on cultivating it and taking control over it, or you can leave it to chance and fate.

You are also missing out on the physical benefits of not fully realizing the potential of this center as well.

The human body is designed for delights that most of us die not realizing. If you work on this center, you can say goodbye to unsatisfying orgasms (for females) and premature ejaculation (for males).  This is not to mention that you will be able to tap into a sort of sexual joy that you have never experienced before, even without a partner!

If you follow the practices laid out in this course for 21 days, then your energy centers and channels will be well established to harness the sexual energy that lay at your root, untapped.

Not only this, you will already be seeing tremendous changes in the quality of your life. Your relationships start getting better, you may suddenly get a call from someone who gives a break in your career. You will start to observe more synchronicities and magickal changes! 

Of course, there is a small investment in time that you will have to put in. But the returns that you will getting will be mind boggling, especially in the long run. This is guaranteed, because the methods are time-tested. Not only that, I will be here answering your questions and guiding you should you have any concerns.

Though I have been teaching this for over 30 years, I have only started teaching this online. If you are going to be the first few people who join this course, you will also be receiving the following DETAILED guide-book on Yantras (powerful tools for rituals and communicating with deities) and using them:

Unleashing the energy in yantras

FREE Bonus 200 page guidebook on Yantras

  • What a Yantra is, and its relation to the Human Psychic body
  • The nine planets and its relation to Yantras
  • Construction of Yantras
  • Yantras and its relation with Mantras
  • Using Yantras in a ritual setting to invoke the deities and communicate with them
  • Goddess Yantras
  • Planetary Yantras
  • Elemental Yantras
  • Specific Yantras for eliciting specific magickal results

You will be having access to this course for lifetime, and any updates that I make will be given to you for free.

Not only that, you get to ask me questions and I will answer personally any time!

This is your opportunity to start to learn Tantric practices for harnessing your root chakra's energy for magick, communicating with deities and progressing spiritually from someone who has been exposed to traditional masters, and practicing the "art" for over 30 years without traveling to remote, far away lands.

Note: For those interested and located in India, the above payment platform may not work. Please contact: https://tantricpagans.com/contact-us/

Yours sincerely,

Sreeram Manoj

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