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Since time immemorial, human beings from different civilizations from different parts of the world have been observing the movements of stars and planets. A monumental importance was given to performing rituals and magick during which specific arrangements of the stars, the moon and planets were observed. Even common folk seemed to have looked up to the stars often -- a fascination lost today by most, except astronomers.

The Sumerians for example, used to observe the stars all the time and came to the conclusion that all life on the planet and therefore, every individual is affected by the stars -- that is, they are the source.

Vedic astrological divination is perhaps one of the most ancient forms of divination that has evolved in a civilization.

It can be argued that the decimal system in mathematics (which was developed in India) evolved as a consequence of the evolution of astrology.

Time and space are not disparate, but the same entity referred to as "time-space". As there are physical elements that exist in space that determine the quality of the object, so there are temporal elements that exist that determine the quality of time.

Each "slice" of time has it's own quality, and manifests itself both microscopically and microscopically. This is perhaps the idea behind various forms of Divination — from the arrangement of runes, I-Ching and tarot to the larger macroscopic arrangements of the planets. The subtle nature of time can then be divined based on the arrangement of divination tools, provided the perception is refined enough to read the subtle

It can be said that right when you were born, the "melody" or "arrangement" of the universe was inscribed into your very sub conscious and can dictate what you are naturally drawn to, throughout your life.  

A person with a Mars ascent for example, will likely have the potential to be aggressive generals or warriors. 

Astrology is to be used as a tool and as a window to your own tendencies for maximum benefits. It is not to be used as something to predict whether or not you will land that next job, for example. Unfortunately, this is how it is used today by most and it is the main reason why it gets such a bad reputation. 

The main perk of using any kind of Divination is in its power to boost your soul's evolution and to understand the influence of the temporal elements on the psyche.  

Vedic Indian astrology is very unique in this regard because it can give you a framework of your own subconscious imprints, which you can then use to  peer into your "soul" or "kia" potential and maximize your faculties. 

If you think you might benefit from a Vedic reading, we will be up for the task. 

Here's an idea of what you can expect:

  • Learn more about, and get a fresh new perspective on the forces that influence your life as a whole from a personalized Vedic chart based on lunar astrological model and planetary influences. 
  • ‌Get specific mantras and Sutras to improve your life and soul abilities, based on your personalized Vedic chart.
  • ‌Types of gemstones and metals that you could wear and on which finger, again based on your personalized reading to boost your faculties. Also, learn specific mantras to energize your stones.
  • ‌Learn what your favourable numbers, colors and days are to effectively decide the type of magick you should perform and when you should perform them.

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