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Ever since I was a little child, I was intrigued by the esoteric and occult. Growing up in an environment that had history with regards to esoteric spiritual tradition, only made my interest and intrigue deeper.

I spent a lot of time in my youth, particularly starting from my early teens till about early twenties reading and researching extensively – as a quest to “seek”. I would also travel to different, remote parts of India searching for teachers who would be able to initiate me into the esoteric arts. These were periods where I would disappear for everyone, including my close family!

It was not until I met my mentor, the very unremarkable looking but remarkable Swami Apoorva Bodhanandha that I got a sense of direction in my quest. The meeting happened when I was sitting under a baniyan tree in the compounds of an ancient Shakti temple to which my family belongs to in India, 40 years ago pondering about the esoteric.

All of a sudden I heard a laughter.

I looked around and saw an old, unremarkable looking man sitting behind me, looking at me in amusement. I was sort of taken aback, and asked him why he was laughing. The air around him suddenly turned into seriousness. He looked at me intensely and asked:

“Where do you think the tree’s generative capacity lies? Where does it tap its energy from, for its own form of “magick” – to grow skyward? How does the tree ground itself to avoid falling off?”

I answered: “the tree’s root?”. “That’s right!” the man responded with great enthusiasm. “Not only does the root anchor and ground the tree, it draws in nutrients and water from the ground. The root also prevents the soil around it from eroding!”.

I asked what his point was, and he responded “The root is the answer to the predicament you have been having for so long. If you learn to establish and tap into your root, then you will naturally tap into the energy reservoir for your own rituals and magick. Not only this, you will anchor and ground yourself firmly, and prevent any erosion!”

This root, our sexual energy centre is the greatest treasure that lay dormant in each and every one of us. Harnessing was fundamental to my “real” initiation into the deeper, esoteric realms of life and to finally learn how to tap into “magick”.

What TantricPagans is about

This website is mainly my attempt at sharing what I learned with you, the reader. 

Esoteric explorers coming from different philosophical backgrounds and "magickal" perspectives from Tantric, Hermetic, Wicca, Eclectic and Atheistic backgrounds will hopefully find value here. At TantricPagans, the purpose is not to preach any particular philosophy, but to remain open minded and exploratory.

I do not claim to be a guru. The content in this website is not to be taken as dogma, nor does it stand for or against any spiritual opinion. It is recommend taking the information here and behaving as if you were the first person on the planet -- listening to your own intuition, doing your own research and treading at your own pace! All content are the synthesis of the author(s) of the posts. If references are used, they are recommended wherever appropriate.


Manoj Sreeram

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