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A guide on using Tantra for magickal & Transformative benefits

After immense research and experiments for 40 years on Tantra and its magical effects on us and the world at large, I am glad to present this free book covering what you need to know about the science of Tantra and how to use them for real, practical benefits.

- Manoj Sreeram

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Gnosis and Trance Consciousness

The achievement of altered states of consciousness is the first step to any magickal act. For this, you have to stop the inner chatter and learn to direct your focus. Learn different ways of achieving trance consciousness.


To tap into the power of prescience that can be drawn from a trance state by various forms of divination -- The Tarot, Runes, I-Ching and Vedic astrology. 


Letting gods, demons and other entities to take control of your psyche can be temporarily advantageous to perform certain tasks, including anything magickal. In psychological terms, this can be seen as inducing imagined personalities into your psyche. This phenomenon should not be brushed off as mere useless disorder!

Evocation and Sorcery

Evocation is the act of making a pact with entities or deities by attaching them to objects (idols, for example) and places in the form of spirits and vibrations. They may also act at a distance in the form of familiars or poltergeists. 

Sorcery is the act of transmuting magickal effects onto material bases. These can be used as reserves of magickal power or to have an effect on a target. Examples are talismans, amulets, fetishes, powders and wax images. 

Paradigm Shifting and Ego Liberation

Liberating the Ego from set patterns and will fully being able to shift paradigms is the only way to extend one's possibility for actions. Develop the ability to abandon all fixed habits and personality in favour of a new one, at will. Transmute the energies of dysfunctional emotions into creative power. The self is illusory after all, so why not transform it however you want, whenever you want?

Mantras, Sigils and Yantra Magick

Mantras, Sigils and Yantras work as a conduit for the will power of the mind for magickal effects. They work on the subconscious, bypassing the realm of the mind where the will becomes tainted with lust for desire, fear of failure or with conflicting ideas.

Lucid dreaming, pathworking and active imagination

Learning to recall or better yet, taking control of your dreams is a tremendously underrated tool for the development of the psyche. Not only are dreams a conduit for the powers of prescience, they are also the doorway to your own subconscious. 

Will fully exploring the depths of the psyche during waking hours can also be done by using techniques such as active imagination and pathworking.

About Us

We are a group of esoteric explorers coming from different philosophical backgrounds and "magickal" perspectives -- Namely from Tantric, Wicca, Hermetic and Atheistic backgrounds. At TantricPagans, it is not our goal to preach any particular philosophy, but to remain open minded and exploratory.

Our goal here is to help our readers transform their reality and life experience by utilizing tools from esoteric practices to maximize the effects of their will on the cosmos.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Hermeticist, Hindu, Tantric, Chaos magician, a Druid, a Wiccan or a Witch of any order or even an Atheist. We think you’ll be right at home here -- we believe they have all evolved out of the human psyche, varying only in the exterior manifestation. We look for the essence and the "meta" behind every philosophy and practice out there. 

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