Female Demon Lilith: Sigil & Invocation of Primal Femininity

Female Demon Lilith

Who is the female demon Lilith? Is she the “all encompassing evil” that traditional religions portray her to be? How do you go about summoning Lilith? What is the best prayer to Lilith? What is "Lilith Sex", even?

Most of you may already know that according to the Abrahamic traditions, Lilith is thought to be the first wife of Adam, who in turn was the first man.

Both Lilith and Adam had independent existence and were made to coexist in a relationship with each other. However, the relationship between them didn't last very long because she refused to “accept orders” from him and to lay with him when he wanted (how can you blame her?).

Instead, she strayed into the wild desert where she met all of the banished creatures (demons) of creation, becoming the Queen of demons. This primeval female in essence, was then punished because she refused to yield and subordinate.

She was then replaced by the subordinate and calm Eve, created out of Adam's own rib. Eve would easily listen to and subordinate herself to Adam and they both fell in love easily. She had no independent existence of her own, unlike Lilith, so falling in love was like Adam falling in love with himself anyways.

While Eve was the caretaker of the new generation of human beings, Lilith was the devourer. She is said to steal babies and devour them.

It is easy to now see how the primeval feminine force which is often associated with darkness, chaos and void was feared in the Abrahamic traditions and how these aspects were thought of something that had to be repressed and put into subjugation under masculine “order”. 

But do the stories of this primeval feminine, darkness and chaotic energy originate and exist only in the Abrahamic religions?


The answer is that the female demon Lilith is much much older. Fear and worship of this female demon, dark goddess deity spans across almost every ancient traditions of the world.

Before working with her, it may be useful to look at who the demoness Lilith actually is: 

The Female Demon Archetype: Who or what EXACTLY is Lilith?

First, it is important to understand what the female demon archetype is and from where and when it all comes from.

Like we alluded to earlier, the demoness Lilith exists in almost every tradition of the world. “Lilith” wasn't even her name!

Long before her job description of being Adam's first wife, the female demon primeval feminine can be traced as far into the Shamanic period (all around the world).

The female demon archetype can be seen as the personification of everything dangerous and unknown to early humans including darkness, unknown territory and lands, unknown wild animals, unknown other tribes and even unknown technology and knowledge.

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Lilith Invocation

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A piece of technology like a cell phone that is so familiar to us and taken for granted by us today as our life revolves around it, will most likely scare a tribal chief.

Anything unknown before it manifests into order, can be said to exist in the womb of the female demon Lilith archetype

In essence, she is the chaos itself and chaos predates and is the origin of existence and the perceived order within it as we know it.

Since every magickal tradition that is preserved to date is a derivation of the shamanic era tribal cultures, almost every magickal tradition has some form of worship of the female demon lilith archetype.

The earliest known female demon in a civilization however, can be traced back to ancient Sumeria (which, according to historians, is the cradle of human civilization) in the epics of Gilgamesh.

During this period much like the Shamanic period, all diseases and destruction were attributed to the work of evil and malevolent spirits.

One such spirit was “Lilit”.

According to legend, the goddess Inana found a sacred huluppu tree by the river Euphrat. The goddess fancied furniture made of wood and so, she brought it back to Uruk with her, planted it in the courtyard and tended to it for over 10 years.

Unfortunately though, the tree was already withering due to invasion by malevolent spirits.

A giant serpent had built it's lair among the roots of the tree while the Anzu bird (which is a kind of  monster in mesopotamian religions) had built its nest at the crown of the tree. In the centre, the female demon Lilit had made her house.

This was conceived as a metaphor for all three realms (the underworld, our world and heaven) being infested by malevolent spirits.

Inana then sought the help of Gilgamesh, who with his bronze axe, slayed the serpent and scared away both the Anzu bird and Lilit. Lilit fled off into the wilderness and disappeared, and she was known to dwell there ever since.

Gilgamesh can be then seen as the harbinger of order and structure in ancient Sumeria from this story.

This is really important because if you put yourself in the shoes of a denizen of ancient Sumeria, it is easy to see why “structure” and “order” becomes very important.  

We take the structure and order in our modern world and life for granted.

Being one of the earliest civilisations that built cities, and the very concept of order being new (as opposed to wildernesses that surrounded their cities), the bringer of order would then have been heroic and God like beyond belief.

Chaos and hence Lilith, would have gotten increasingly demonised for this very reason.

And as you can see, the story that connects a tree, a serpent and Lilith fleeing into the wilderness isn't new or unique to the Abrahamic traditions at all.

In post Sumerian Babylonian culture with the Akkadian literature too, Lilith appears, though both in masculine and feminine forms. Here, “Lilu” is the masculine form while “Lilitu” and Lili is the feminine.

The most interesting thing that can be found from the excavations of Akkadian literature would be the description of Lilitu demoness spirits.

Lilitu is described as being nude, slender, well-shaped, beautiful with wings and owl like feet. A Lilitu spirit is portrayed as standing on lions who are flanked by owls.

Does this ring a bell? The Queen of the night relief is described as having the exact same qualities:

Female Demon Lilith: Queen of night burney relief

Queen of the night burney relief

However, the Queen of the night is thought to be either a representation of Ishtar or her underworld ruler sister Ereshkigal. Ishtar is the Babylonian equivalent of the Sumerian goddess Inana.

If you are not familiar with the Ishtar’s descent into the underworld story, you can check it out here.

Ishtar is the goddess of beauty, love, fertility, sex, combat, justice and power. Ereshkigal, her older sister, is the ruler of the underworld.

This could be a nod to how chaos predates order and life itself.

This brings us to an interesting question: did Inana (Ishtar) seek the help of Gilgamesh to extract order in the civilization from her chaotic nature (Lilith)?

In fact, it is said that when Inana (Ishtar) descended into the underworld and her life drained, the function of being the goddess of fertility, beauty, love, sex, combat, justice and power was taken over by her older sister Ereshkigal, the Queen of the underworld.

Coming to Tantra: In India, variety of goddesses based on the same female demon archetype goddesses were venerated among different communities in different parts, most notably by the tribal and village communities as opposed to the mainstream vedics.

They ranged all the way from Mariamman to what became later known as Kali.

Well after the advent of the first Tantric texts, there was a formulation of the 10 Mahavidyas which included the following goddesses into a single system of thought, incorporated from the variety of goddesses of village communities that worshiped the female demon archetype and also from mainstream thought:

  • Kali
  • Tara
  • Lalitha Tripurasundari (Sodashi)
  • Bhuvaneshwari
  • Chinnamasta
  • Tripurabhairavi
  • Dhumavati
  • Bhagalamukhi
  • Matangi
  • Kamala

Each goddess is a different form of the same, supreme sakti and there are both the pure goddess archetypes and the female demon archetypes (Soumya and Roudra forms) within the list.

It is easy now to see how the ancients recognised that chaos and the dark energy is indeed the second nature of order and light.

They're two sides of the same coin!

Lilith and Samael

In the early Abrahamic Jewish traditions, Lilith was mentioned, but only sparingly. It was not until the 13th century publication of Zohar, that Lilith became a major Qabalistic deity due to the branching of the Qliphothic Left Hand Path traditions from it.

In this, Lilith is mentioned as the female, underworld dwelling spirit with a body made of flame. She snares men, devours babies and brings ruin into the world.

This is also when Lilith is associated to Samael as her mate. Lilith and Samael are described to merge together into a Hermaphrodite, emerging out of wine. (A similar deity is Ardhanareshwarain the Tantric traditions)

Lilith is also described to possess the soul of every wild beast in nature and is known to possess authority over children (given to her by God himself) who ought to be punished for their parents’ sins. Talk about fairness!

It is in Zohar that she is described as being a vampric succubus, draining mens vital energies also.

From the European Jews and medieval Qabalistis, Lilith entered Christian contemporary legends.

During the witch torture and burning then, they were thought (by the church) to have been worshiping this female demon Lilith patron that granted them dark occult powers.

It is little wonder that Lilith is a popular deity among neo witchcraft traditions and Wiccans which came into popularity in 1950s.

She's now seen as the embodiment of feminine independence and power among wiccans and other neo pagans. This is a good thing, especially considering how she was viewed in the past.

However, it is only partly true and not a complete picture and we shall soon see why next:

Female Demon Lilith and the doorway to the Left Hand Path Qliphoth

Lilith today, is of most importance in the Qliphothic Left Hand Path magickal tradition of the Qabalah, which in turn surrounds around the idea of the Qabalistic tree of life, “Sepiroth”.

Sepiroth simply put, can be seen as an occult map that a spiritual person can use to gauge his/her own progress.

Our world is at the bottom (Malkhut) while the highest, unrealized, indescribable God is at the top:

Demon Lilith: Sephiroth

Tree of Sephiroth

The aspirant of the traditional Qabalah slowly traverses up the Sephiroth to reunite with God (or enlightenment, in Eastern terms).

However, there is still another path: That of the Qliphothtic left hand path.

In the Left Hand Qliphothic path, the goal is the not ascend the tree of life Sepiroth, but the shadowy flip side of the tree, the Qliphoth:

Lilith Sex: Doorway to Qlipoth

The Tree of Qliphoth

A quick overview can be found here: https://thesevenworlds.wordpress.com/2014/02/25/shells-of-the-tree-of-death/

The goal of the Qliphothic path is not only to unite with the cosmos or God, but to go beyond it and become a creator in your own right.

The path is that of the shadow. Instead of running away from the dark, vile, frightening aspects of reality, the Qliphothic mage jumps right into it and transcends them. True light only exists beyond the deepest darkness.

For the left hand path practitioner, this is the only true path. All others are escapism and pretentiousness.

In Eastern terms, this state is often referred to as “Turya”. We'll get to how this all connects to the Tantric interpretation and the left hand path traditions of Tantra in the next section.

In the Qliphoth, Lilith exists both as a Shadow realm of our own world (ruled by her sister Namah) and as a goddess deity of the Qlipha Gamaliel in the tree of Qliphoth:

Gamaliel, ruled by Lilith is the flip side (shadow side) of Yesod.

Yesod is described as being the Sephirah of unconscious desire and sexuality because it is the one that collects all the energy and unrealized ideas from the Sepirahs above it and transfers it down to Malkuth (our world).

Gamaliel is the repressed version of the Sephirah Yesod. It is seen as the obscene and dark form of all repression, including sexuality.

For the Qliphothic magician however, the goal is to plunge into the darkness more and more until the ultimate is realized. The true light is reached only after the shadowy passage through the tree of Qliphoth.

Lilith, the shadow world is the entry point into the left hand path Qliphothic mysticism. This is where magickal practices such as sex with succubus spirits  and female demon lilith herself is practiced.

Such practices are to be used to enter into the Qliphothic realms and not as mere sexual indulgence.

The darkness is only “dangerous” and “evil” if you make it so. It all depends on the vessel, that is you.

In Tantra, the parallel to this can be seen in the Left hand path traditions of the Aghoras, Kaulas and so on. It is incredibly interesting how such a parallel developed independently and organically in different traditions all around the world.

To the practitioner of the Left Hand Path, the idea of true liberation is to not suppress and run away from the darkness and the obscene but in the acceptance and transcendence of them.

True liberation lies within the very depths of the underworld, where deeper treasurers lie hidden. Do not “sweep it under the rug” and let it stay there!

Lilith Sex: Kundali, Tantra, Occult anatomy and the Muladhara Chakra 

Just like the tree of life and it's Qlipothic flip side, the Chakra system is yet another occult anatomy map, first evolved in the Indian tantric traditions.

Lilith Sex: Chakra System

Chakra System

Just like there have been variations of the Sephiroth and Qliphoth, there are a ton of different Chakra maps evolved independently in different tantric traditions all around the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

Some systems propose 10 Chakras, while others propose a lot more or lot less. It doesn't make a difference in the end, because it is not really a physical map so much as a metaphysical one. To the mind, it only serves as a map. The real thing has to be experienced directly.

This map usually serves as a conduit to awaken the force of Kundalini. No amount of description will suffice to explain what Kundalini is, for it must be experienced. However, a finger can be pointed at it approximately:

In order for the world to perpetuate and exist as we know it, and in order for the self to exist as distinct from other individuals, everything (and you yourself) has to go through a process of individuation and separation.

In Tantric terms, this is referred to as the “Ahankara” or ego. Ahankara can be said to exist in an energetic term. This energy was also discovered by the Qabalistic mystics when they theorised that the root of all evil as the energy that separates.

However, the same energy when flipped, becomes the Kundalini. The parallel to the Qabalistic tree of life is apparent. Leonardo Da vinci observed this parallel, and rightly so:

summoning lilith: Occult Anatomy

Occult anatomy of humans, based on the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. You can get a poster on Etsy here

However, the left hand path systems of Aghoric thinking is more in alignment with the Qliopthic thought. We shall soon see how.

The Kundalini, when awakened can cause bizarre effects if the host is not prepared to handle it.

Your physiology can become a wreck and most importantly the mind, can either go insane from symbolic thinking, shifting away from the objective world or if it manages to survive, can get ego inflated to epic proportions which again, leads to madness and self destruction. I've already discussed this in the Dark Magick article.

Kundalini uncovers and unravels all that you do not want to see and pushes you into the darkest abyss of your subjective existence (which is the only true existence), including all that is repressed because it is the only path to true liberation.

This is where the entire concept of “sex” becomes associated with Tantra because it is the energy that is most repressed. Sex is also your sole creative force when transmuted.

The sexual energy that we possess IS the life force of the Kundalini within us (termed ojas). It is our only connect to the impersonal divine and it originates from the Muladhara Chakra at the bottom, right around the sexual organs, where the serpent is said to coil, laying dormant.

This is not a physical representation per say. The Chakra is placed at the genital area in the occult map to point out the correlation to sexual energy. The actual sexual center of course, exist in the brain rather than in the genitals.

It is a serpent because it has been repressed without allowing it to express itself wholly. If the serpent is allowed to express in it's highest form, in the Crown Chakra, then the creative forces within the vessel become God like. This is exactly how it is described by Qliphothic magicians.

In Qliphothic terms, the Muladhara Chakra is the Lilith Qliphah herself where the Kundalini serpent lies dormant! The relevance of the serpent and the tree of knowledge that awakens in Abrahamic genesis story becomes very apparent.

Unfortunately, the Kundalini has been lifted out of context in a variety of ways in the western world. Most notably, by trying to import it into the western systems of psychology concepts and trying to solely use them as psychological tools and in new age Tantra, which they tend to associate with actual Tantra.

If you want to stick to the psychological model, all that can be said about Kundalini and the dark female demon archetype can be said under the context of the Jungian Shadow. However, this is a very limited model to work with, especially if you want to dive deep into magick.

Today, the word “Tantra” is automatically associated with sex and indulgence. The reality is however, quite the opposite. The ultimate goal of Tantra is to go beyond sensory indulgence to a point where such things become unnecessary. This is in contrast to both indulgence and repression of such cravings.

In Aghora 2: Kundalini, Swami Vimalananda, the Aghori Tantric has been described as having awakened Kundalini. However, when it did awaken, she took the form of the Smashan Tara or Tara of the cremation grounds. Tara is one among the 10 Mahavidyas formulated by the Tantrics. Tara is also the foremost patron of Buddhism. The Smashan Tara can be seen as her dark and demoness form.

Summoning Lilith: Smashan Tara

Smashan Tara

This is an incredibly useful mental picture and model of what Kundalini is because it describes very accurately to the mind the nature of Kundalini when awakened, but more importantly it allows us to make a personal connection with her.

In the book Aghora 2: Kundalini, it is described how Vimalanada preferred the worship of Kundalini with God form shmashan as opposed play with the forces as mere “energies”. It allows one to cultivate an attitude of mother-child relation with the Kundalini force.

A mother's love is boundless and it is the only way to successfully pass through the darkness unscathed. That is, only when you allow darkness itself to love you like it's child, will you be able to see the true light

This is what the Qliopthic mystics and magicians got right: They enter the dark realms of the Qliphoth through the mother herself: Lilith. And it is only through her patronage that they play around with the dark forces.

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It is the best attitude to have in not only preventing a mental crash while ascending the Kundalini, but also to avoid ego inflation and other nastiness while working with the dark forces of magick.

It is my hope that by now, all misconceptions surrounding Lilith and other female demon goddesses are clear.

Now that you have a picture of what you are dealing with, we shall go into the practical works with Lilith and the beginnings of awakening the Kundalini or ascending the tree of Qlipoth (whichever map suits your worldview better).

The Demoness Lilith Sigil

I’ve already discussed the relevance of sigils and how to work them in a comprehensive guide that you can read here (if you haven’t already).  

Sigils of deities can be thought of as diagrammatic representation of them. Deities themselves, are of course, anthropomorphic representations of universal forces. In the Tantric world, Yantras of deities are used, for example the Yantra of Kali is as follows:

Lilith Sigil: Kali Yantra

Kali Yantra

The sigil of the demoness Lilith, especially when properly associated with her in your subconscious, enables your deep-mind to make a connection with her, bypassing interference of the chattering mind.   

The following is the most widely known Lilith Sigil:

Lilith Sigil: Lilith Altar

Lilith Sigil

It can be used as a starting point if you have never connected to her before, but sooner or later, she will most likely reveal to you unique ways to connect to her, including presenting unique sigils to you.  

Sigils of deities can be used in the following ways:

  1. Meditate on it directly by placing it in front of you to build a long term resonance with it.
  2. Use elaborate “summoning” or invocation rituals. Get into a state of gnosis or trance using the appropriate method.
  3. Use prayers and mantras to charge and activate the sigil.

It is interesting to note that both the Lilith sigil and Lalitha yantra have a bump right around the center:

Lilith Tripura Sundari Lalitha

Lalitha Tripurasundari Yantra

The Shiva phallus or Lingam could represent the male energy. The male is ALSO the material world itself and Shakti, the feminine force is the one that powers it behind the scenes. It is said that Shiva without Shakti is Shava (or corpse).

The primordial feminine is in fact, the one that produce excitation that we perceive as the male energies that represent the material "stuff" that we see around us. 

Even the physics model of the universe confirms this: Quantum fluctuations describe that quantum fields permeate throughout the universe out of which particles "pop into" existence.  In the quantum description of the universe (as opposed to mechanistic), the origin of the universe can be traced to quantum fluctuations. Physicists postulate that the entire universe is one giant quantum fluctuation arising out of the underlying quantum fields. 

Also, particles in fact, only gain mass because they pass through the Higgs Field that permeate throughout the universe. Without this field, there would be no "mass" as we know it. Shiva without Shakti is Shava! 

If you are interested in learning what the Higgs Field is all about, here is a great video:

Prayer to Lilith: Tantric mantras to attune with Lilith

Attuning your personal energies with that of the dark feminine cosmic energy is the best way to improve your chances of invoking Lilith. In fact, I’d recommend you do this before you attempt an elaborate “Lilith summoning” ritual (which is discussed in the next section).

Mantras are sounds that can be used to effect changes in the vibrations of our body, mind, consciousness and therefore, the world at large. In the western world, the same is often referred to as “spells”. “Mantra” translated directly, can mean “liberation from thought, by thought” . “Mann” is the mind, the most powerful phenomenon that we know of.

The world that we know is nothing but a model that our own mind generates for us to live in. It is through the filters of the mind that we know and experience reality. We can never know or understand the “absolute” reality, at least in the current human form. “Tra” is to save or liberate.

Mantra, hence, is freedom from the world of causality using sounds and vibrations to effect changes in consciousness and in our minds, which in turn can cause real changes in the universe around us.

In another perspective, they can also be looked at as the embodiment of deity in a vibrational form. Using mantras every day, it is possible to invoke your preferred deity into yourself over time, identify with them and gain their powers for divination, sorcery and alchemy albeit more slowly and gradually than a traditional ritual. Mantras can be added in as a daily practice on top of whatever rituals and magick you are already engaged in. This will boost the effectiveness of your work more than tenfold.

This is exactly what the ancient Shamans did. It is can be looked at as a form of gradual invocation, but you can also look at it as a form of gradual jungian personality “switch” which in turn will help you with your desired results by tuning your own mind with the vibration of the chanted mantra.

Below, I have presented 28 mantras of Lilith with the universal vedic beej (seed) sound, which is also the beej sound of Kali. The root sound mantra at the beginning, “Lam” represents the Muladhara Chakra or the Lilith Qlipha at the base of the tree.  

The number 28 is 2 plus 8 which is 1 (0s are cancelled out), meaning Adi or the very first -- The first feminine energy and the mother of all energies.

28 is also one day before a full moon cycle. Start working with the mantras during the beginning of the next waxing stage of the moon, the new moon day. If it is today, start today! In the chaos, darkness and wildlands that represent the dark feminine, the Moon is the light that guides you through it.

Work one mantra a day, beginning from the first to the last, in tune with the lunar cycle. On the 29th day, the Lilith invocation ritual (which is presented in the next section) can be performed.

Note: Remember that nothing that is described here is to be taken as dogma. As you work with Lilith on your own, you will find your own way.   

Prayer to Lilith: How to call upon Lilith

The Lalitha Tripurasundari mantra can also be used to attune the energies: 

Hring-Ka-Aei-ee-La-Hring-Ha-Sa-Ka-Ha-La-Hring-Sa-ka-La- Hring

The above description and Lilith mantras is an excerpt from our book Tantric Spellcraft: A guide to mantra magick. If you are interested in mantras, you can download the book for free below:

Prayers to Lilith: Mantra Book

URl name

Lilith Altar

If Lilith is going to be the primary deity you work with, it makes sense to build a Lilith altar devoted to the female demon archetype goddess. This altar can be used as a sacred space to accumulate the energies of the female demon Lilith. I recommend using the altar space for mantra attunement work. 

If you are new to idol worship and/or want to know how it can be beneficial, I highly suggest you read our article on idol worship here.

The benefit with building an altar is three fold:

  1. Energy accumulation in the altar space and the idol, using the mantras.
  2. Getting into the “zone” easily: That is, once your mind gets associated to the altar space with the energies of Lilith, it becomes easier to attune yourself when you go into this space for mantra recitation.
  3. Gradual evocation of Lilith in the idol (whether this is psychological or not is up to you to decide)

You don’t necessarily HAVE TO build an elaborate Lilith altar in the beginning. You can start working with a sigil drawn on paper instead.  

However, investing in a Lilith statue will likely be beneficial for reasons mentioned in the Idol worship article. Building a personal connection with a deity is much easier when the form is visualized first with the conscious mind, and the sigil associated with it as a subconscious "hook". 

How to invoke Lilith? : Summoning Lilith

Summoning Lilith can be done at the last day of the Lunar cycle, on the full moon (usually the 29th day), after the preparing your energies for 28 days with the mantras.

So how to summon Lilith? The word “summoning” has a negative connotation to it since you are going to call her as if she were your mother.

Also, in many “Lilith summoning guides” that you see online and otherwise often involve drawing a protection circle or invocation of a guardian spirit first. I don’t see any other purpose to it, other than to insult her. If you are that doubtful, better not call her in the first place.

She is not some weapon of mass destruction to be used for your own egoistic agendas. If you do, she will reward you just to humour you, but the lessons in humility (and it will likely be really harsh) shall soon follow.    

But nevertheless, I use the word because it is widely used and can draw attention from the lay reader to the title quickly.

Once again, the best summoning or invocation ritual is that which you formulate on your own. Never fall for gospel and dogma. Behave as if you were the only person on planet Earth, with noone to give you quick recipes and cookbooks.

Most people tend to equate invocation of a deity with just that: like a recipe. This is a big mistake, please don’t fall for this trap. The path of the true magician and mystic is a lonely path. A collective path is that of religious institutions.

Listen only to your own intuition. It is the only “true” way to work with such forces. They dwell in the deep realms of subjectivity, even though they shape everything we see in our objective reality.

Like I alluded to earlier, as you build a connection with Lilith more and more, unique pathways to summoning Lilith will reveal on its own

That being said, this guide won’t be complete without presenting some form of basic entry point to summoning Lilith and entering the Lilith Qlipha. So here I present to you a basic Lilith summoning ritual with the disclaimer that it is not to be taken as gospel:

Chosen environment to summon Lilith and invoke Lilith into you will ideally be in the wildlands, wildernesses and forests in the dark. If this doesn’t work out for you, a dark room can be used to summon her with black and red candles with the following mantra chanted in cycles of 13 times (deep breaths, strengthening the visualization of Lilith and centering after each cycle) until she decides to show up:

Marag Ama Lilith Rimok Samalo Naamaah

Another mantra that is often said to be effective in invoking Lilith and getting your vessel to receive her is the following:


Red wine and Musk incense is often offered. Blood offering is usually made too, from the cut  of the appropriate finger. Dark music played in the background can also be excellent, though total silence or if in the wilderness, the music of the dark night will be the absolute best.


It is my hope that this article has given you a cohesive picture of the archetype female demon Lilith goddesses.  This energy of course, truly has no gender and is beyond human conceptions.

However, to work with it and interact with it using our human conceptions, anthropomorphising it and working with this energy as feminine is very useful because it enables you to treat and build a mother-child relationship and use this emotion to tread the path without getting zapped.

No other model can serve the same purpose and the ancients very well knew this. Hence, the elaborate descriptions.

When you work with such forces, use the same mental model and use existing descriptions and methods, but I reiterate -- sooner or later, she will reveal to you unique ways your own subjectivity can best relate to her. 

The path has to be treaded alone, with only the female demon goddess Lilith to hold your hands and take you through it!

To end this article, here is an amateur made video but a great one at that, with excellent narration: 

Female Demon Lilith: Sigil & Invocation of Primal Femininity was last modified: October 15th, 2021 by Vishnu M
Female Demon Lilith: Sigil & Invocation of Primal Femininity
Female Demon Lilith: Sigil & Invocation of Primal Femininity
Female Demon Lilith: Sigil & Invocation of Primal Femininity
Female Demon Lilith: Sigil & Invocation of Primal Femininity
Female Demon Lilith: Sigil & Invocation of Primal Femininity
Vishnu M

Amorphous being

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      I know you can send Lilith to me . When you ask her to come to me she will. Iam ready to give her anythiny to her.I just wanna her to be mine my only mine.i am ready to make pact with her .i need her with all my respect forever . My name Rida am guy and i need awife and Lilith is the one who i am looking for. Please ask her to open her heart to me and I tell her to come to me asap now. (am ready to send you and support you anything )

    Hairstyles - December 9, 2019

    I have been examinating out a few of your articles and i must say pretty clever stuff. I will surely bookmark your website.

    Hairstyles - December 10, 2019

    I just like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and test again right here regularly. I’m fairly sure I will be informed a lot of new stuff right right here! Good luck for the following!

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Levi Levi - February 7, 2019

This is very well composed. You touch on a lot of themes that I have begun writing about, and intend to write a lot more of. You are quite effective at communicating some of the more difficult-to-describe thoughts, such as god/desses as representations of consciousness and the illusion of gender. Anthropomorhism, etc.

I also appreciate your teachings in regards to the nature of Tantra and its objectives.

Great work!


    Vishnu M - February 8, 2019

    Thanks Levi, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I’d absolutely love to read what you are writing too, when it is ready :—)

Angela - March 27, 2019

Excellent article. This has been very informative but also not what I was expecting….in a good way however. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to reading more of your writings in the future.

    Vishnu M - March 28, 2019

    Really glad you liked it, Angela 🙂
    Please do go through the other writings and drop a comment if possible!

Alddel - April 1, 2019

es excelente el articulo realmente realmente increíble me ha servido de una ayuda excepcional

Jhanrey Bragat - April 2, 2019

I asked for a book in a span of 5 mins a got it
Thanks a Lot 🙂
I just want to learn more how to be a part of demonic world and witchcraft
hope you can help me


SAMAEL - April 13, 2019


Joel - April 17, 2019

I really love this
Not only it makes me feel reassured about calling her. I feel less intimidated
I’ll be trying this method to bring her and help me

Dreadlord of Unity - May 2, 2019

Nice work indeed.

    Vishnu M - May 2, 2019

    Glad you liked it!

Duncan - June 7, 2019

Possibly the most erudite and expansive treatise on Lilith I have ever read – beautifully cojoins the Tantric and the Western traditions. I will find this an infinite resource for my workings with Lilith. Bravo!

    Vishnu M - June 8, 2019

    Thank you, Duncan. Really glad you liked it! Would love to hear from you about any of your (shareable) experiences on your path.

Maya - June 14, 2019

This is a very informative article, but i don’t understand why would anyone want to invoke Lillith without actually being chosen by her, in which case you don’t have much choice but to dive right in and accept your fate. Lillith came to me, and has permanently awakened my Kundalini. She is the wisdom that is guiding me through a very challenging process that I wouldn’t wish to my worst enemy. So, why would anyone want to invoke these forces unless you are karmically chosen to? By the way, I’m very spiritual, and have spent 15 years on right hand path, with most of my attention being focused on purification, meditation and fasting. During this period i read sacred texts of all world’s religions and esoteric philosophies, i purified myself from all typical worldly desires, and only then Lillith appeared to me. The path is so difficult that anyone who doesn’t have enough wisdom and purity in their being will eventually go insane, so my advice is don’t go there! Stick to the right hand path, and once you are ready, don’t worry, you will be called to deal with your inner demons. You can not escape this part if true inner alchemy is your goal.

    Vishnu M - June 14, 2019

    Hi Maya, thank you for sharing your experiences! Glad to hear that Lilith chose you and that you found the article helpful. You are right about the Karmic part:

    Sometimes your very Karmas may lead you to invoke her. For others, it may happen dynamically. The thoughts you have and the actions you feel compelled to perform are also influenced by your Karmas, they are not wholly independent unless perhaps you are an enlightened being.

    For some, their Karmic account may be so that they might not even be spiritual at all in this life and awaken all of a sudden — all of this may arise from the nature of their Sukshma (Subtle) and Karana (Causal/Mental) bodies from lifetimes (not just this life) of activities, including spiritual penance. You carry over your Karmic nature from one life to the next. It is in fact said that it is the only thing you may carry over! The Buddhists go as far as saying that you (your ego self in our context) ARE nothing but your Karmas.

    That being said, it is most certainly the case that the “Left Hand” is not for everyone 🙂

Cynthia Ishizawa - June 16, 2019

Brilliant writing ✨I enjoyed reading it very much. I’m a daughter of Shiva/Kali so, I found your blog really interesting because I was really searching for information regarding Lilith. I had no idea of the connection with Kundalini but, everyone and everything on the 🌏Earth is connected so, I should have expected it😂. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. 🙏🏾

    Vishnu M - June 17, 2019

    Really glad you liked it, Cynthia! Glad you could learn something from it.

Iraa - August 1, 2019

I read the book ‘THE TANTRIC SPELLCRAFT’and there I got the link to this website.. JUST TWO WORDS.. FEELING BLESSED. I am drawn towards Lilith and Lucifer 2 yrs back and since then I m contineously researching and learning more and more about them. Now i dont need to know more about Goddess Lilith. I started following the instructions for connecting with her and feeling positive. Thanks for sharing the mantras. I never felt this deeper connection chanting the Lilith Enn this much.


    Vishnu M - August 2, 2019

    Glad you found the information useful, Iraa!

Temife - August 19, 2019

I am to have found this website and your articles are top notch.
The essays are very direct,simple to understand,and very enlightening.
Thanks so much.The ebook is great.

    Vishnu M - August 19, 2019

    Really glad you enjoyed it, you are welcome! Good to also hear that you found my writing clear and direct without needless verbosity. Hope you also find the ebook useful for a while 🙂

Cogito Testing - October 8, 2019

Some people in the west believe that Mother Kali is an aspect of Goddess Lilith. I do not know if this true or not; since I never dare to ask Mother Kali of the veracity of of that specific western belief. Nonetheless, have you heard of such statement? Now since you have worshiped Goddess Lilith; has She given you any sign that Mother Kali could be an aspect of Her. Thanks for the article and thank you also for sending me that book.

    Vishnu M - October 9, 2019

    Glad you liked the article and thanks for downloading the book!
    I think both forms are different aspects of the highest unpersonified, formless Supreme Shakti, as are any diety forms.
    For some, Kali is an aspect of Lilith and vice versa. This is largely due to the fact that forms are easier to work with and relate to than the highest unpersonified aspect of Shakti, and the mind tends to want to associate (and usefully so) whatever form that it venerates the most as the highest.

Cogito Testing - October 10, 2019

Thanks for answering my questions. I analyzed the 28 mantras that Goddess Lilith gave you and I soon realized that 14 of them have the bija mantra Kreem in them. I was taught that the bija mantra Kreem is the bija mantra of Goddess Kali. The bija Kreem encapsulates Her essence just like “Gam” is for Lord Ganapati. I was pretty surprised by the fact that Goddess Lilith uses the same root mantra. With that observation alone I could assume, maybe I’m wrong, even though they may not be the same entity, that there is a greater link, or even some sort of a power sharing between the two great Goddesses.

Now with respect to the Yakshinis, I would like to know in addition to the mantra procedure that you provided; is there any sadhana to perform? Also is there any offering that should or must be provided to the Yakshinis? If they like offerings what kind of offerings do they like? I greatly appreciate your input. May the Goddess bless and protect you.

    Vishnu M - October 14, 2019

    The mind may never come to a definitive answer, but I like to see this like the following:
    The Supreme Shakti (power) is formless and can wear any type of “mask”. In the universe, nouns or objects are illusionary abstractions concocted by the mind — there are only processes (analog to different frequencies of sounds). We ourselves are not things, but processes. Indeed this seems to be what the Spanda Karikas allude to (creative pulsations or vibrations of different “frequencies” of the absolute Shakti) and is confirmed by modern science. The universe then, can be thought of as a “grand symphony”.
    The “chaotic process”, and therefore the chaotic form abstraction can be thought of a sub-type and the “female demoness” would be sub-type of the chaotic mask.
    Lilith and Kali both come under this sub-type, as do other chaotic female forms. Naturally then, it wouldn’t be surprising that the same “tonality” would be granted by the deity as a gateway for the mind to channel her particular pulsation. You may find the article on Idol Worship interesting: https://tantricpagans.com/idol-worship/
    All of these chaotic goddesses are linked to the Muladhara Chakra, and act as a representation for the Kundalini energy for the human mind and therefore “Lam” is also useful. Lilith acts as representative mother for succubi and incubi who stimulate this Chakra whilst pisachinis and Yakshinis also come under the dominion of the chaotic goddesses in the east.
    As far as Yakshini Sadhanas are concerned, I’d recommend you check out something like “Yaksha Damara” or “Bhuta Damara” Tantras. Whether or not they will work for you or if you should do it is another question 🙂
    Thanks and may the goddess bless you!

      Maijah - August 17, 2020

      Hi I’m maijah AkA Lilith my other personality with the eye color change and everything I am her reincarnated I’m actually very proud to be she is a force to be reckoned with but she comes out when people are hurting me or anyone I love she show’s no Mercy have u ever heard of myth of a a female human being chosen to be and her born in Aries she protects me

Sarah Litchfield - April 24, 2020

This is really helpful and interesting. I’ve been drawn to Lilith for sometime now and someone suggested doing a ritual to call out to her and see if she is with me or desires to work with me. I am definitely going to do this and see what happens. I must admit I am a little nervous though as this will be my first go at anything since beginning my path.

Lilyana Ravs - May 23, 2020

Thank you !!!! 🙂


Dear sir.

I intend to work with lilith.

Kindly advise me

Kat - September 17, 2020

So I have a question involving the mantras. If you miss a day, what happens?

3MyNigma - December 23, 2020

I am curious to see if there is a forum that will teach me the light and dark arts. I was raised Christian, but know there are steps to ascension and am ready to begin a path from apprentice to mastery. This is my life goal and desire to fulfill my full potential in acquiring the skills and knowledge to become what I am capable of. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom and for everyone that contributes to responsibly sharing these truths. Godspeed.

Michael Kilgore - March 18, 2021

I have been searching for a pathway to Lilith, and this article not only taught me a proper method for reaching her; it all gave me key information about her and the quliphoth; my interest level is greatly sparked by this area of magic!

Benjamin Ginther - July 30, 2021

Wow so much information is settled for me in this article. Lilith first “came” to my being enveloping me in her energy when I was 9 years old. I started chanting my own mantra to her that “came “ to me over and over from that age on. Later in my pre-teens I was astounded to find Apocraphal literature on her and that she was actually a “real” historical figure! My search into the mystic path and esoteric literature and gnosis grew along with my artists and healers path. It wasn’t until I met a very powerful crone at 26 who showed me the importance of understanding my relationship with a patron(ess) diety that I took my practice with Lilith much deeper in my dedication ritual with her happened when I was 27.(First Saturn return) she awoke a fire in me that had been stewing for so long that I only see was the beginning of my awakening of Kundalini.My personal solitary path as a witch, healer, and mystic had to sort through the multitudes of “garbage” and wrong material about Lilith…that did not resonate with what I knew of Lilith personally within. I came across (eventually) a great mythologist and astrologer who specialized in the 3 aspects of Lilith in your astrological natal chart and progressions for each individual personally. All of this information resonated with me in deep coherence like your information does here. I can’t wait for the next new moon to practice your ritual of mantras culminating in her manifestation on the full moon. (Wait I just got confused isn’t that only 14 days from the new moon to the full? Do you mean to practice from full moon to full moon?Regardless I have been in many circle sanctuaries with others who were dedicated to the “left hand path” and Luciferians as “A light bringer” but although in ritual our energies were very coherent as were our conversations before and after. I never felt a need to commit myself to the “Left hand path” or to see or feel Lilith as a demon in order to be as one with her. I do like your allusions to Kali and Shakti because I too have found those intense connections. I see and feel Lilith as a “Dark Goddess” and not necessarily a demon. I think that minimalizes her Primordial untamed power and energy as something aligned with “evil” when I find her anything but. Your article is seeped in her energy for mess a mystic and I am amazed at your Tantric connection to her wisdom which I have found as well. She is part of the darkness of the abyss that is the wisdom of the unknown and embracing and transmuting that fear.I do believe I have a lot to learn from all your hermetic and vedic esoteric way of describing her. The Qliphothic mystical quabala is something that I have just come across now in recent months as a path to go down to better understand her. One more comment as I would like to add about a friend who Innana is her “Patron” Lilith even in the Epic of Gilgamesh the “dark maiden “who inhabits Inannas tree—seems to me an even older spirit than Inanna or even of Enki and Enlow but she had to be incorporated in their pantheon because she is a reality. When Gilgamesh banishes her Lilith goes to the “Uniinhibited places”. Which vibrates with me just fine but I find her spirit to be older than even their mythology. Then in other stories I hear as Lilith being the sacred prostitute who would enrapture and woo men to Inanna’s temple. Needless to say I do find Lilith coming from the Underground and the Fae realms and as something so powerfully dark and primordial of the Night and of Earth itself I still have an aversion to seeing her as demonic only. I think that’s too small a box to put her in. Anyway thank you for your contribution to my hermetic knowledge of Lilith but like you pointed out each of our journeys with her is so personal. That affirms my path as a Solitary “mystic” so well. I think Lilith lies in the inbetween places or as Tibetans call the non duality or Rigpa. I think Shiva is a perfect consort to her and is also “Dark Diety”. I really can’t thank you enough and looking at your 29 day ritual it actually goes from New Moon to New Moon? I’ve never manifested that way before. So it’s a gleaming amazing new way to approach understanding my Mother Goddess that has touched me my whole life. I can’t wait to feast your books and one day I would love to be in touch and actually talk to you about Lilith consciousness? Yours Truly,

Kali Experiences – Dark Forest Witchcraft - April 24, 2022

[…] admit to being influenced by this essay.2 I was also influenced by the exploration of the Shiva-Shakti doctrine and it’s influence on […]

Thomas - June 28, 2022

Hey Vishnu M since a seasson pychedelic shamanic work I did to get rid of evil spirits on my girl, the last entetiy I saw must have been the dark goddes. she was the 7th much less ugly looking demon face with black instead my girls red hair, strong and majesty but verry dark. i could not send her to light as the other 6 and I realized after timee that I had to leave her. My girl had only broken memory on this. I was nervous about that, but remebered on my knowing bout Lilith and start to seach answers. In between I could make that relation much more harmonic by my intuition. So some me moth later I met in her the Light goddes it was such a deep connection and beautyfull emotional! but not lesser powerfull! I got cached by her eyes, had to lay down my body half wanted and half gently forced and show my submission. It dont have made a Sisi or beta bla… now we understod ,felt and had seen how important or helpfull it is to worship the gods or spirits or energies wich resonates throu our Human beings for peace and harmony. By the way I am a Libra and she is Scorpio. Thanks to this Compendium of information you have given me confidence.


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