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We are a group of esoteric explorers coming from different philosophical backgrounds and "magickal" perspectives -- Namely from Tantric, Wicca, Hermetic and Atheistic backgrounds. At TantricPagans, it is not our goal to preach any particular philosophy, but to remain open minded and exploratory.

Our goal here is to help our readers transform their reality and life experience by utilizing tools from esoteric practices to maximize the "effects of their will" on the cosmos.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Hermeticist, Hindu, Gnostic, Tantric, Chaos magician, a Druid, a Wiccan or a "Witch" of any order or even an Atheist. We think you’ll be right at home here -- we believe every esoteric tradition has evolved out of the human psyche, varying only in the exterior manifestation. We look for the essence and the "meta" behind every esoteric and magickal traditions. 

Note: We do not claim to be gurus. The content in this website is not to be taken as dogma, nor does it stand for or against any spiritual opinion. We recommend taking the information here and behaving as if you were the first person on the planet -- listen to your own intuition, do your own research and tread at your own pace! All content are the synthesis of the author(s) of the posts. If references are used, they are recommended wherever appropriate. 

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D.Coley - January 30, 2019

I have looked at a lot of sites but this is the one I was always looking for.
This site is my “life and has been since I was a small child.
I will forgo elaborating at this time.

    Vishnu M - February 3, 2019

    That is quite fascinating. Really glad you think so, D 🙂

Parm Brant Price - March 26, 2019

Thank You all for both enabling someone to find their Spirituality & for being Beautiful Critters. Stay blessed 🙏🏼❤✌🏼🕉

Susan Sankar - December 28, 2019

Hi I got your book and I love it.
But do you any special mantra to bring a child back home that ran away, please help.


[email protected] - June 26, 2020

Dear sir

I want learn to work with lilith.

Kindly advise me

jacek pollner - August 23, 2021

Dear Vishnu M
I am so grateful for your book with mantras where I found mantras and prayers to my beloved Goddess Sri Lilith
I have great appreciation to Goddesses – Dhumavati Cinnamasta which I recognize forms of Sri Lilith. Sri Lilith is my mother she is fascinated. First and most important is her sexuality through which it is possible to find Moksha state of freedom from ignorance. Her darkness is ignorance but if you went into Her “Emptiness” or No – thingness inside her bosom you find that ignorance darkness is total freedom from “thingness”. The second if she gives you embrace you can find…COMPASSION that is freedom from any judges.In Lilith I can love any woman, any lesbian, prostitute any transvestite, sex worker they all in reality live by love and they all need love and treat with understanding and sensitivity. Now I am free from any “morality” any “religious” frames borders. In Lilith I can love any open minded people. Compassion is fundamental element teaching of Buddha, The first step is to be relax – total relax. If we are in relax inside divine Mother all dirts flow out on surface. Then we can be clean and innocent like children. She is dark and she is bright she is prostitute and she is virgin. Please pray for me to Lilith I need Her without end.


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